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Gabe Appleton


Current Projects

To be named, a peer to peer bounty system for mass computations.

Visualizer, a web tool to view incoming Bitcoin transactions, forked to provide garbage collection and optimizations.


Systems Intern (Undergrad), Intel NVM Solutions Group
Folsom, CA — 2015 - 2016

Includes building software models of various pre-market products, testing pre-production hardware, making firmware patches for various OEMs, building computer systems, and doing emergency support work on-site.

Noteworthy Accomplishments:
Awaiting permission to disclose

Head Programmer/Programming Mentor, Team Cold Logic
Marquette, MI — 2013 - Current

Includes building (and of course programming) a fully-functioning robot. There is quite a bit of fundraising involved as well as (artistic, mechanical, and structural) design, and working with others, especially members of other teams. This has been hundreds of hours of work.

Noteworthy Accomplishments:


Marquette Senior High School
graduated — September 2011 - May 2015

Northern Michigan University
enrolled — September 2013 - current